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Health Benefits.

High Protein Content

Vitamins and Minerals

Cost-effective cultivation

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Nutrients rich food supplement

Spirulina Powder Health Benefits

Numerous health benefits due to its high nutrients content


This wonder foods is suitably cultivated in tropical climate in alkaline-rich fresh water as well as in labs. Freshwater grown spirulina requires lots of sunlight and grows well in a pesticide-free environment. The best quality products are produced in waters free from chemicals and contamination. In this regards, Lab cultivation is done to minimise contamination with other pollutants found in the atmosphere or in water. They are mainly produced in India, Hawaii, Mexico and Africa. Spirulina's plants can be cultivated and produced in huge quantities as it requires very little amount of resources and infrastructure. For example, its cultivation requires only 1/50 amount of water normally needed for meat production to render same amount of protein.